Welcome to bigneds.com, we have created this website to help people, so the purpose of this website is to help people in English.

Here you will get all kind of information related to internet, here how to earn money from internet, blogging tricks, how to do SEO, all kinds of information related to internet, share information about Facebook tricks.

About: bigneds

This website has a mission so that there is no information about the Internet, how to keep them safe on the Internet, how to use secure Internet. I want to help them by providing the best tips and tricks related to the internet, which are unknown to some of the tricks of the internet.

From here you can read tricks on how to earn money sitting at home or how to earn, now you must know what bigneds is, how bigneds Blog works for you.

Purpose of creating a blog

Free blogging, sharing content on SEO so that new users can also learn blogging.

Online bloggers give people information on how to help and not to do more with the Internet.

Providing blogging guidelines in English language for bloggers .

Providing all information related to the Internet, which is helpful to Indians and is not yet available in Hindi language on the Internet.

Know every information 
Ways to earn money online
Blogging and seo
Internet related information
What and how to do
social networking

One day I got the idea to create my own website and help online, since then I have been providing help from bigneds. I was very fond of using the internet, when I was in the 8th grade, I was initially fond of helping people online.

I started helping people by creating a group on Facebook.

One day I got the idea to build my website and help online, since then I have been providing support with bigneds.